Who are we?

General Assembly
The European Youth Parliament Danmark (EYP DK) is a youth-led, non-profit organisation which belongs to a network European Youth Parliament (EYP), which operates under the auspices of the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa foundation. The EYP network organises almost 1,200 days of EYP activity every year, involving 30,000 participants to its events annually, and thus has belonged to the largest platforms for extracurricular education in Europe for more than 20 years, and Denmark since 2016.

What we do

We inspire youth to active citizenship, tolerance and personal development through intercultural dialogue, we organise several-day sessions, we organise educational and informal events for secondary school and university students from all over the Denmark and other European countries. We thus contribute to the development of skills and knowledge of young people by creating a platform for discussing current issues, free sharing of opinions and teamwork.

• Several-day Student Conferences

• An Educational Programme

• EYP Days and Presentations for Schools

• Dialogue with Decision-makers

• National and International Partnership

The Board of EYP Denmark is the executive body of EYP Denmark which is elected by an annual general assembly for 1 year. Each board member is a head of the Department which has an invaluable contribution to the development of EYP in Denmark.

More on us

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an organization that operates at an international level and is governed by a central body known as the Governing Body (GB). The GB is a key entity responsible for maintaining the overarching standards and strategic direction of the EYP network, ensuring the quality and safety of its activities across various member countries.

Governing Body (GB)

The function of the GB is to represent the collective interests of the EYP network. It collaborates with National Committees and other organisational members to develop and enforce guidelines that uphold the quality and safety of EYP activities. Further the GB is also responsible for establishing guidelines, which ensures and helps the National committees to have formulated policies and how to implement these policies to ensure the execution of EYP events and activities. During the year, the GB also oversees three annual international sessions, also called flagships events of the EYP network, where 300+ påarticipants with 70+ volunteers gather from different countries to debate geopolitical issues and exchange cultural insight into each country to shape and help the youth gain more cultural experience in a open and international environment.

Composition of the Governing Body

The GB is composed of six members who are elected by the National committees and EYP members, which ensures a democratic process that reflects the diverse interests within the EYP network. The Main objective of the GB is to collaborate with the National Committees (NC), which are country specific branches that create events (sessions), at a regional and national level. This collaboration on the regional and national level is to ensure that each event is conducted in international standards and that the guidelines that the GB has set up is being followed. This structure prioritises the well-being of each participant during the process of each event, while also allows for an open line of communication and help from the GB. The structure ensures a balance between central oversight and local autonomy, allowing the EYP to function effectively across different countries while maintaining consistent standards and objectives.

The history of EYP

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) was founded in 1987 as a school project at the Lycée François-Premier in Fontainebleau, just south of Paris. Where the first international session took place in 1988, was also held there. Since its inception, EYP has progressively expanded to encompass more countries and schools. In 1991, the project’s international coordination was transferred to Witney, Oxfordshire, under the management of Bettina Carr-Allinson (NL). Over the following decade, EYP transitioned from being a school-centric project to a broader youth-led network, with National Committees emerging and the number of activities increasing significantly. In 2004, the National Committees of EYP appointed the Schwarzkopf Foundation as the international umbrella organisation for EYP. The network’s coordination was relocated to Berlin, where Philipp Scharff (DE) became the first full-time Executive Director. He was succeeded by Jan-Philipp Beck (DE) in 2008, Ville Vasaramäki (FI) in 2011, Krista Simberg (FI) in 2013, Lukas Fendel (DE) in 2017 and since 2020 has Anya Suprunenko (UA) held the position. Since 2004, the EYP has continued its expansion, engaging young people from nearly all European countries in its activities. Today, the European Youth Parliament stands as one of the largest organisations dedicated to non-formal political education in Europe.