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As an educational organization we strive to give students the unique opportunity to experience political processes as close as possible. The main purpose of one of our events is to simulate the European Parliament and thereby make it’s work more accessible for students. This is a great chance we offer for Educational Institutions to make political and language education more practical and exciting.

Throughout the simulation process students work within committees with specific real-life situations and challenges that have to be identified, debated and solved in form of a Motion for Resolution. Under our Events section you can learn more about our underlying concept and both our upcoming and past events.
To give you a an overview of our organisation and our activities we have created an FAQ for you. We want to make you aware of the fact that all our events are highly individual and we would like to get in contact with you to answer all questions specific to your individual needs.

• A simulation based around the working procedures of the European Parliament

• Improve students English skills in a political and debating environment

• The chance for students to improve their public speaking in an official context

• Teambuilding and Europe-wide networking with likeminded persons

• Enabling personal development for the students

• Sending delegations of students to events all across Europe

As a part of the EYP network we strive to expand the network and educate young people about the benefits and challenges that Europe faces today. Working together with educational institutions like schools enables us to grow the organisation and give youth the chance to grow into the responsibility of Europe’s next generation.

“Students from Tornbjerg Gymnasium participated the first time in EYP back in 2011. Since then it has been a great process for the students academic and personal development. Debating current problems with peers strengthens their intercultural competences as they have to interact and argue for their standpoint.
 Through EYP our schools has also been able to build a network of other schools which now are cooperation partners. We have been so passionate about EYP here that we successfully organized several sessions at Tornbjerg Gymnasium with participations from both Sweden and Germany.”

Tornbjerg Gymnasium, Odense

Please contact our board under

For any further contact information you can search under our “About Us” section.

Have you moved to Denmark from another country, have you participated in one of our events before or are you just outright interested in the European Youth Parliament? Then we would like to invite you to reach out to us via our email or facebook page. We are more than looking forward to answering all your questions.

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 The fee is 100 DKK/year, and is valid for the calendar year in which you pay. Exception: If you pay in December the fee is valid for the following year. (More information on payment methods will be updated soon)