About us

The European Youth Parliament Denmark is part of the Europe wide non-partisan EYP network currently represented in 40 European countries. Since its founding in 1987 the EYP network has steadily worked towards educating and including young people in the future vision of Europe. We here in Denmark are a young and proud part of this network and seek to spread the European spirit also here in Denmark.

The Board

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The network

A part of the European Youth Parliament Network

Climate Neutral Company

EYP Denmark is proud of cooperating with Climate Extender to become a climate neutral company


Come meet us up close

The National Committee of EYP Denmark

Mia Cecile Pedersen

Vice President on International Relations


Adina Pernes



Elisa Ucaj

Head of PR and Communication


Keta Khazalia

Head of Fundraising


Christian Fuglsang Pedersen

National Coordinator

In cooperation with

What we do

We as organization work towards providing an educating and enriching platform for young and interested people to exchange visions and opinions. One part of this process is the session concept which throughout many years has been successful at making Europe more accessible and experienceable for young persons. As a parliamentary simulation, it enables students and interested people to engage in the process of policy.

Current problems get analyzed and solutions get discussed and presented. It also offers a great platform for personal development as presentation and debating skills are trained. Moreover, participating in sessions enables a solid networking opportunity for creating a Europe wide network with likeminded persons.

Our team

The Board of EYP Denmark consists of seven volunteer young people, who all have extensive experience in various EYP-contexts.

The board is made up of the following roles:

• President

• Vice President

• Treasurer

• Four additional Board Members

As the board, we are very proud to be in charge of expanding this organization. We invite you to learn more about each of us in the subsection we have added with a short description of all board members in the sub-menues under “About Us”.