Vejle 2020

Academic Preparation Kit

The work of the Committees has been prepared by the Chairs Team. With the support of the Board of the Session they have created Topic Overviews for the Delegates to read through before starting to work with their Topics. 
The Topic Overviews are gathered to an Academic Preparation Kit that can be found here.

CJMO day

Before the delegates arrived, the session officials gathered in Vejle for the CJMO day. 

CJMO day is an additional day for the Officials to get to know each other and get prepared for the session. Team Leaders usually lead modules for Chairs, Media and Jury to develop their skills during extensive trainings.

Team Building

The session was officially kicked off on February 15, when the delegates arrived and all the participants finally gathered in Rødkilde Gymnasium for the first time. The spent the whole day playing games and getting to know each other. 

Committee Work

The day of Committee Work is one of the most interesting days for delegates, because the start diving into the topics and work on future resolutions. The working process is lead by Chairs, who help delegates not to get lost and understand their topic better. This is a great chance to shape and state your opinion on major European problems and get new knowledge and skills from the members of your respective committee. 

General Assembly

The last day of the session is called General Assembly.  All committees come together to debate their proposed resolutions following standard parliamentary procedures, which helps to become acquainted with the structure of the GA as well as to get new experience in public speaking and debating. 

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